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RAD5 Tech Hub one of the strongest forces behind the fast growth of technology education, adoption, and innovation in Southeast Nigeria, officially announced today that Chọọya Group an innovative e-commerce startup company from the hub with the mission “to facilitate speedily, secured, and open trade in Africa by organizing and centralizing all trade data and activities in one single place... ...Read More

In an intentional drive to build a sustainable and engaging  community of tech specialists and professionals, Andela through her Andela Learning Community (ALC) program recently partnered with RAD5 Tech Hub, alongside other technology hubs and technology platforms across Africa. ALC is a network of technologists and tech enthusiasts across Africa dedicated to learning how to use technology... ...Read More

Ideas are being transformed into engaging startups at the RAD5 Startup Incubation program Following the rising need to raise solution-focused businesses that will tackle prevalent problems in the community headlong, RAD5 Tech Hub recently launched her startup pre-incubation program to transform ideas into thriving startups. Known as RAD5 Startup Launchpad, the incubation program is... ...Read More

Technology hubs in Aba, Abia State are actively collaborating to get more women trained in the digital space. More women are finding the digital space a viable industry to hone their tech skills and also contribute to solve everyday problems in their different communities using technology-enabled innovations. Indeed, for some time now, the spotlight seems to be on the women folks, as more... ...Read More

When was the last time you had such a huge idea that you felt right in your spine that it is just the next big thing? But the more you thought about it, the more you felt inadequate to work on it. Then you managed to go online and do some digging, only to discover there’s someone on the other side of the globe that’s doing something almost related. It crushed your spirit and killed the... ...Read More