Attend Android Learning Community (ALC) Event

Apr 08, 2017 - 12:00PM - 04:00PM
Sweet Foods & Bar Bata Aba, Abia State
Abia4Tech announces the commencement of ALC.

Popular IT and Developers community, Andela, in partnership with Udacity and Google is organizing a learning community to help Nigerians who are willing to learn Android development or improve their development skills.

Event is biweekly event to last for minimum of two (2) months.

For you to be interested in this means you are passionate about IT, computing o technology, without passion it’s hard to be really successful in anything. You must have a laptop of yourself, an Android smartphone and you must be willing to commit long hours weekly into learning how to code and develop Android applications. This is where passion comes in.

There are two sections of learning in the community:

Beginner’s track for people with little or no coding experience. Even if you have no prior knowledge, you must be interested in learning how to code.
Intermediate track for people with 1-2 coding and Android dev experience.

Event & Programme Calendar