About RAD5 Technologies

We Innovate At The Speed Of Light.
We create tech meetup platforms where we collaborate, innovate and build.

The hub is an interconnected, interdependent network of various actors that combine to create innovative products and services in Tech. These actors primarily include Tech Startups; more established Tech companies; Tech company founders; investors and investment groups; and mentors and organisations that provide business support.

As the foremost and leading virtual hub and tech idea incubation center in South Eastern Nigeria, sited at the core heart of the city of Aba, Abia State. We tend to provide our community with enriching services aiming at promoting technological growth in Eastern Nigeria and inspiring youths into the use of technology for Self-Reliance and National Development through our tech initiative tagged "#Abia4Tech".

Our mission is to focus on developing young minds into technology and create reliable solutions that: Businesses will leverage on to grow, People will desire to use, Employees will be proud of, and Investors will get long-time returns from.

The hub likewise brings startups and founders together in a network, to overcome problems and share each other’s experiences. We provide a platform that gives individual companies the power to join forces on certain areas, giving them a stronger voice. There is need to build a tech friendly and driven environment to help boast our economy, provide jobs and enhance our daily activities. The best way to achieve this is to provide necessary support and exposure in Tech through funding, mentorships, events, trainings, meetups, hackathons, mentorship and partnerships.

we allow many smaller startups to bring innovation to market. The hub is a social center for incubation, creation and innovation. Looking out to providing necessary support and mentorship to tech startups, tech enthusiasts and beginners raising more tech startups in Abia.

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